Light-Curable Materials for Aerospace Avionics

Light-Curable Materials for Aerospace Avionics

Brilliant, Green Adhesive & Coating Solutions for Satellite & Spacecraft Assembly

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535-A-REV-A activator is pre-applied to a variety of metals, ceramic, glass, and thermoset plastic substrates to rapidly cure Dymax 600 and 800 series structural adhesives.
UV-curable adhesive for rapid chip encapsulation in chip-on-board or chip-on-flex printed circuit board applications. This encapsulant forms flexible, highly moisture-resistant bonds to diverse surfaces and remains flexible to -40°C, making it ideal for COF applications.
UV light-curable encapsulant with secondary ambient moisture cure capability. This product is resilient, flexible, and offers good moisture and thermal resistance.
Flexible chip-encapsulant material designed to cure with UV-light and secondary ambient moisture cure for shadow areas. This product has high CTE/low Tg for lower stress on components and offers good moisture and thermal resistance.
This clear encapsulant cures first upon exposure to UV light and then over time with ambient moisture. Bonds well to many substrates and has high CTE/low Tg for lower stress on components.
UV light-Curable FIP/CIP rack-free gasketing resin is ideal for applications requiring compress set, tack-free surface, and durable sealing. This resin is easily dispensed into intricate and complex configurations.
Fluorescing and peelable maskant designed for rapid masking of electronic components and assemblies to protect from reflow or wave soldering operations. This product is highly thixotropic for easy dispensing on boards or components that may be difficult to mask with other methods.
Rapid rigid adhesive and shallow potting (0.25 in/6mm) for a wide variety of substrates. This material is formulated to cure primarily with UV/Visible light and includes a secondary heat or activator cure function in applications with shadow areas.
High-strength resin for rigid adhesive bonds or potting of a wide variety of substrates. This resin cures clear and deep. This product can be cured with UV light, and shadow areas can be cured with heat.
High-strength resin cures clear and deep. Suitable for when rigid adhesive bonds and potted areas are desired. This product cures with UV-light and heat or activator cure for shadow areas.
LED-curable protective resin for sealing plastics and metals commonly used in automotive components and assemblies. This product features Encompass® technology which combines color change and fluorescing into one product.
Low-stress plastic adhesive quickly bonds and seals a variety of plastics. This thixotropic and jet friendly material cures within seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light.
High-performance structural bonding adhesive ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates where maximum tensile shear strength is required. This product cures using activator.
Form-in-place gasket sealant has excellent moisture- and chemical resistance for high-temperature sealing applications and underwater enclosures that require a low compression set. This silicone-free gasket has a self-leveling viscosity and cures with UV/Visible light in seconds.
UV/Visible light-curable adhesive for rapid tacking of repair wires on PCBs. This product has high tensile strength, excellent adhesion, and faster UV fixture time. This adhesive features a secondary heat cure for complete cures in shadow areas.
Flexible, high viscosity encapsulant and conformal coating material that bonds well to FPCs. This material cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light with a secondary heat-cure capability. UL 94 Flammability V-0 rating.
Fluorescing conformal coating designed for superior circuit protection with coating thicknesses up to 0.254 mm (0.010 in). This product cures with UV/Visible light first, then over time with a secondary ambient moisture cure. UL 94 Flammability V-0 rating.
Formulated to ensure complete cure on high-density PCBs where shadow areas are a concern. This product is optimized for coating thicknesses between 25 mic [0.001 in] and 127 mic [0.005 in] and excels in coating applications where chemical and abrasion resistance is critical. The material cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and features a secondary moisture cure. UL 94 Flammability V-0 rating.
Low viscosity conformal coating formulated with no solvents added for rapid room-temperature cure when exposed to UV light. This coating has a secondary heat-cure and ultra-high fluorescence. UL 94 Flammability V-1 rating.
Dual-cure 9771 NASA Low Outgassing Conformal Coating is NASA MAPTIS Listed, meets ASTM E595 and MIL-Std 883 Method 5011 standards. UL 94 Flammability V-0 rating.
Light and heat-curable encapsulant & potting resin for electronic assembly and circuit boards where enhanced moisture and thermal cycling, and abrasion resistance are required. This material provides optimal coverage over difficult circuit geometries and minimizes stress on delicate wire bonds.

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