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Mission, Vision & Values

Dymax Corporation was originally founded in 1980 as the American Chemical and Engineering Company. Forty years later Dymax is a leading developer of innovative rapid and light-curable materials, dispense equipment, and UV/LED light-curing systems. The company’s adhesives, coatings, and equipment are perfectly matched to work seamlessly with each other, providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiencies.

Our Mission

We make customers more capable and efficient.

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Our Values

We're a community united by our Core Values that define our culture, how we operate our brands, and our business strategies.

Customer Advocate

Fosters strong, positive relationships with customers, both internally and externally. Listens to and understands our customer’s needs and ensures delivery of quality products and services.  ...

Excellence Enabler

Relentless commitment to continuous improvement and innovation of our technologies, skills and understanding. Courage to respectfully challenge and evolve beyond the status quo. Driving towards best ...

Quality Champion

Strives to get things right the first time by proactively maintaining and enhancing quality standards. Seeks feedback, addresses emerging issues and solves to root cause to foster a culture of excell...

Results Driver

Acts with honesty, integrity and determination to meet or exceed goals and objectives in positive outcomes and tangible achievements.  ...

Team Collaborator

Demonstrates willingness to collaborate cross-functionally, respecting each team member and leveraging individual talents, expertise, and resources for collective growth and continuous improvement.  ...

Our Vision

To be the leading global supplier of integrated rapid cure material and equipment solutions to a global base of manufacturers.

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