Dymax 9000-series encapsulants cure tack-free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light for superior protection of components on both flexible and rigid printed circuit board platforms. They are ideal for chip on board, flex, and glass, glob tops, bare die, integrated circuits, and wire tacking and bonding.

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UV-curable adhesive for rapid chip encapsulation in chip-on-board or chip-on-flex printed circuit board applications. This encapsulant forms flexible, highly moisture-resistant bonds to diverse surfaces and remains flexible to -40°C, making it ideal for COF applications.
UV light-curable encapsulant with secondary ambient moisture cure capability. This product is resilient, flexible, and offers good moisture and thermal resistance.
Flexible chip-encapsulant material designed to cure with UV-light and secondary ambient moisture cure for shadow areas. This product has high CTE/low Tg for lower stress on components and offers good moisture and thermal resistance.
This clear encapsulant cures first upon exposure to UV light and then over time with ambient moisture. Bonds well to many substrates and has high CTE/low Tg for lower stress on components.
High-performance grade UV/Visible light-curable encapsulant with improved moisture and thermal cycle resistance. This product adheres well to various component substrates and offers a secondary heat cure for applications with shadow areas.
Light and heat-curable encapsulant & potting resin for electronic assembly and circuit boards where enhanced moisture and thermal cycling, and abrasion resistance are required. This material provides optimal coverage over difficult circuit geometries and minimizes stress on delicate wire bonds.

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