LED Light-Curable Materials & Equipment

LED light-curable materials cure upon exposure to LED light to provide an economical, high-throughput solution for manufacturers.

LED (light-emitting diodes) curing technology offers many benefits over traditional light-curing methods commonly referred to as UV, visible light or broadband, such as lower operating costs and “green” attributes that eliminate mercury and ozone safety risks. As the demand for interest in the technology grows, LED curing is becoming an ideal alternative for conventional light-curing that has been the industry standard for several decades.

When an LED curing system is perfectly matched with an LED cure adhesive, they create an optimized curing process that provides an economical, high-throughput solution for manufacturers.

Technology Benefits

  • Lower operational costs: high electrical efficiency with instant on/off and no warm-up period
  • Cooler temperatures: cool light radiation extends curing capabilities for heat-sensitive substrates. LEDs also eliminate excess energy emissions. 
  • Low maintenance costs:  longer diode life eliminates bulb replacement costs 
  • More uniform cures:  even distribution of light provides consistent results
  • Space-savings: LED-curing equipment is more compact, so the size and cost of the overall equipment is reduced 
  • Environmentally friendly: "green" attributes of LEDs eliminate mercury and ozone safety risks, as well as handling costs. In addition to eliminating excess energy emissions, the environment in proximity to LED is exposed to substantially less radiation compared to bulbs. 


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