Choosing an LED Curing System Over a Traditional Spot-Curing System

LED Spot Curing vs. Traditional Spot Curing

Q: Why would you use a BlueWave® QX4 LED light-curing system instead of a traditional spot-cure system with a multipole lightguide?

A: The BlueWave® QX4 is unique because each of the four LED heads it utilizes can be a different wavelength (365, 385, and 405 nm) and controlled independently of the others. It's like getting four spot-cure systems in one. This capability is ideal for products that need to be bonded in multiple places using adhesives that cure at different wavelengths. Manufacturers can also do their pre-production testing using just one system instead of three, saving them valuable space in their labs. Another differentiating feature of this system is that it uses LEDs to deliver the curing energy to specific bond areas. The LED is located in the head instead of in the curing system for efficient delivery of light energy and allows users to add cable extensions as necessary to deliver energy to areas that are extended distances from the controller.

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