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Systems Integrations

System Integrations

 At Dymax, we provide competitive system integration solutions used in advanced manufacturing processes.  Our system integration team leads in the design of automation and robotic dispensing and curing solutions found in industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, packaged goods, and others. 

Feel confident knowing that the team looks at the challenge from a holistic standpoint, managing the project from concept phase, through feasibility testing and production design. We are highly engaged in each step of the way and take care to consider all aspects of how our products are integrated into your solution. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial OEM Machine Builders and Integrators
  • Automated Dispensing and System Integration Solutions for Manufacturers
  • Collaborate with automation organizations as a “perfect partner” for system integration solutions
  • Expertise in areas such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and more
  • Fluid handling and specialty knowledge related to spraying and dosing
  • Experienced guidance on precision dispensing and fluid handling requirements and challenges
  • Emphasis on providing individualized solutions suitable for all applications and budgets
Rich Levesque Dymax Manager of Operations & Business Development

“Our primary focus is our customer’s successful implementation of a Dymax solution. We want to work with you to fully understand your manufacturing goals so that we can provide you with a robust and comprehensive technology package that has been optimized specifically for your application.”

Rich Levesque

System Integrations, Business Development Manager

System Integrations Capabilities

  • Equipment Consultation: Use our expertise to ensure proper equipment performance
  • Process Evaluation: Use our cross-industry experience and expertise to build a successful process
  • Sub-system contracting: Create sub-assemblies within larger production assembly line processing
  • Bring top industry insights, safety, and production technology advancements into our solutions
  • Deliver efficient, cost effective, quality solutions across a range of markets

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