GenZe Electric Transportation Battery Pack Gasket

Using a form-in-place gasket to create a reliable battery assembly that meets strict design standards of weight, performance, and safety.



GenZe was challenged with producing an aesthetically-pleasing removable Li-Ion battery pack without compromising safety and reliability. 

Packaging state-of-the-art electronics with energy-dense Li-Ion battery cells presented some unique challenges and opportunities. Because the battery pack is removable, many design challenges had to be addressed. Weight, performance, and safety were top priorities. GenZe engineers pored over the designs for thousands of hours and those efforts resulted in a safe, aesthetically pleasing, yet extremely complex battery system. The question was, could it be mass-produced, and at the same time be serviceable? The manufacturing engineering team had to develop a process to assemble the system, while ensuring it could be disassembled and resealed reliably, time and time again. Countless trials of different options ranging from solid die cut gaskets to individual O-rings and liquid materials were run. None of the trials proved to be a solution that could provide the necessary sealing performance while being easy to apply.


The Dymax team recommended a form-in-place gasket to satisfy the needs of the application for sealing protection and manufacturability.

After visiting the GenZe production floor to assess the process, a Dymax team of marketing, application engineering, and sales personnel suggested a solution - GA-201 – a form-in-place gasket that would satisfy the needs of the application, not only in terms of sealing protection but also in terms of manufacturability.

In addition, this “dispensable” gasketing material demonstrated previously unseen flexibility to the product engineers. This was a breakthrough because the product’s styling and packaging would no longer be limited by its sealing requirements.

GA-201 is formulated for sealing plastic, glass, metal enclosures, and plated surfaces that require a soft, tack-free, flexible gasket. It acts as a moisture barrier and prevents absorption or penetration of air, dust, noise, liquids, gaseous substances, or dirt.


The Dymax system solution enabled consistent production of GenZe battery assemblies that meet strict design standards of weight, performance, and safety. 

After running months of performance and validation testing, GA-201 proved to be the solution GenZe was searching for. The Dymax team not only brought their materials expertise to the table, but they also offered process application recommendations and assisted GenZe process engineers with the selection of the proper dispensing and UV curing systems. This shortened the equipment selection process significantly and added much - needed confidence in attempting to produce a product that had never been offered before. A complex manufacturing cell, which includes a 6-axis robot complete with precision dispensing equipment and a BlueWave® 200 curing unit, was installed. And in a very short time, battery assemblies that power the GenZe 2.0 scooter were in production and passing the rigorous in-process tests with flying colors.

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