The Advantages of Using Conformal Coatings


What advantages do conformal coatings offer? 

For manufacturers involved in the production of printed circuit boards for electronics, ensuring that the PCBs don’t fail is critical to their success. As a result, they seek materials, like conformal coatings, that can help prevent board failure and protect components from extreme environmental conditions. Protection is the primary reason to use conformal coatings and some key benefits of using them include:

* Eliminate corrosion and arching 
* Increase mechanical support for components and improve fatigue life of solder joints 
* Condense circuit footprint from insulating conducting components, allowing for tighter spacing between components 
* Significantly slow tin whisker growth
* Allow for lighter weight, smaller assemblies due to the elimination of housings and enclosures
* Minimize stress and eliminate performance issues on PCB assemblies

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Conformal Coatings Offer Superior Protection of PCBs From Environmental Stresses


Where are conformal coatings used? 

Many people own or have access to a cell phone, computer, or automobile that utilizes advanced electronic technology to make it function. Numerous products have PCBs integrated into their design that are exposed to high heat, moisture, use, or challenging circumstances and require complete protection.

Conformal coatings help shield the electronic circuitry and components on printed circuit boards. Some of the common applications where they are used include: 

* Automotive Sensors
* Battery Management Systems
* Chip Encapsulating
* Control Modules
* EV Charging Station Circuitry
* Film Coating / Flow Coating Dispensing
* Medical Micro-Circuits and Electronics
* Satellites, Missiles, Spacecraft
* Tamper-Evident Coating on PCBs to Hide Components
* Wire Bonding

Our selector guide provides detailed information on light-cure conformal coatings.

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