See-Cure Technology

Adhesives dispense one color and upon exposure to UV/LED light change color for easy visual confirmation of cure and secure bond line.

Dymax light-curable adhesives with patented See-Cure technology have built-in visual cure validation that makes it easy for operators or simple automated optical inspection systems, to confirm cure without the need for additional specialized equipment. Adhesives with See-Cure technology dispense one color, enabling the user to confirm adhesive placement. During the light-curing process, the initial color disappears and provides an obvious confirmation that the adhesive is cured and the bond is secure.

Adhesives with See-Cure technology cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, providing ultra-fast assembly of substrates and components. Formulations are available for medical devices, electronics, and plastic assembly. See-Cure Technology can be formulated into many Dymax light-curable adhesives. This new technology does not affect the RoHS compliance of the adhesive and provides similar biocompatibility characteristics for MD® medical device adhesives.




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