Dymax Equipment Try & Buy Program

The Dymax Equipment Try & Buy Program only applies to curing and dispensing equipment systems only and excludes all consumable parts and accessories. Only one unit may be rented at a time and loaner equipment is not part of the Dymax Try & Buy program. 

Try & Buy Process

Step 1: The customer must submit a request for Try & Buy program or contact a member of Application Engineering team directly. 

Step 2: Application Engineering reviews the request to confirm that the equipment will work for the customers' application. 

Step 3: Once approved, the customer will receive a rental agreement from Customer Support. At this time, Dymax requires a P.O. or credit card payment to keep on file.  

Step 4: After the two week trial period, if the customer decides to keep the equipment their credit card will be charged in monthly installments for 7 months until the unit is paid for in full. If the customer decides they do not want the equipment, they will need to return the equipment to Dymax. 


How to Proceed

Contact us with any questions. If you're ready to proceed click "contact us" to fill out the Try & Buy form.

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