Discontinued Equipment

To meet ever-changing market and customer demands, Dymax discontinues products at the end of the life cycle as new products are introduced. Recognizing that customers use equipment for many years, Dymax aims to make the transition as seamless as possible. Products being phased-out are assessed carefully and a transition plan is developed with customers.

Discontinuation Process

Typically, these are the steps over a several-year period:  

  • New product developments are identified.
  • At the same time, identify older products to be phased-out as new products become available. Information is shared with Dymax Sales, Customer Support, and Application Engineering so they can work with customers to convert over to newer products.
  • The formal end-of-production date is announced, typically 12 months from the date of notification.
  • 4-6 months prior to end-of-production, Dymax monitors customer inquiries and quotes to ensure customers are aware of the phase-out and offered an alternative product.
  • 2-3 months prior to phase-out the last production run is announced.  By this point, most customers have moved to newer products, so the last production run is minimal.
  • Once formal production has ended, we may run off additional units to use any remaining component inventory. Those units are sold on the Dymax Clearance List.
  • Once those units are completed, the production of that unit is discontinued.


Service & Support for Discontinued Units

It’s not unusual for customers to utilize Dymax equipment for 10 or 15 years.  Our policy is to service and support Dymax equipment for 10 years after discontinuing a unit. This includes maintaining spare parts and repairing equipment.  At times, it can get difficult to continue sourcing electronic components 7 or 10 years into the future, but Dymax works to maintain adequate inventories as long as possible.   


Discontinued Equipment

Production has been discontinued for the following items: 

Product (Manuals located in Resources at bottom of page)Part NumbersEnd-of-Production Date
BlueWave® LED Flood-Curing System41321Dec 31, 2021
BlueWave® AX-550 V143315 ,43316, 43317, 43318, 43319, 43320, 43321, 43322, 43243, 43248, 43249, 43250, 43331Apr 1, 2021
UVCS with BlueWave® AX-550 V143549, 43550, 43551, 43331Apr 1, 2021
SD-100 Digital Syringe DispenserT17242, T17241, T17240Mar 1, 2021
MX Series Single Channel Controller42378, 42379, 42380Jan 1, 2021

BlueWave® LED DX-1000

40560Jan 1, 2019
BlueWave® LED DX-1000 VisiCure Curing System41046Jan 1, 2019
BlueWave® LED Prime and  BlueWave LED VisiCure Systems 40960, 40950, 40322, 41064, 41063, 41062 Jan 1, 2019
BlueWave® 75 UV Curing System0183, 40077, 40078Jan 1, 2018
WIDECURE® Conveyor Version 1.039380, 39381Apr 15, 2016
BlueWave® 200 Version 1.138903, 38605, 38905Jan 28, 2014
PC-3 Spot Lamp 35350Feb 15, 2011
BlueWave® 50 Spot-Cure System38920Feb 15, 2011
PC-3D Spot Lamp35390, 35391Feb 15, 2011
PC-3 Ultra Spot Lamp-Feb 15, 2011


Discontinued Bulbs

These replacement bulbs are no longer produced and sold by Dymax (component parts unavailable):

Product DescriptionPart Number 
PC3 and PC-3D Replacement Bulb 35003 
PC Ultra and MC4000 Replacement Bulb 37123 
BlueWave 50 AS and ADAC Curespot Replacement Bulb 5120 
BlueWave 50 Replacement Bulb 38915 
ADAC Curespot HO 6069 


Updated: Jan 28, 2021

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