Counterfeit Product Warning

Notification of Fake Dymax Product in China

Dymax has recently learned of copycat products claiming to be manufactured by Dymax. Products may appear to be of comparable or substandard material with replicated packaging, labels, and the Dymax logo. These products are being sold through unauthorized third parties. 

We cannot guarantee the quality assurance of counterfeit materials. Such products are void of any Dymax product warranty. Dymax assumes no liability for potential damages caused by using counterfeit products even if used together with genuine Dymax product(s). 


How to Identify a Counterfeit Dymax Product 

Visually, counterfeit products may be harder to identify as resellers attempt to fraudulently recreate packaging and labels. The cost for counterfeit products may be similar to or lower than authentic Dymax products. 

Examples can be found in our English/Chinese Flyer:


Counterfeit products do not adhere to Dymax stringent quality standards and pose a great risk of contamination. These products may fail to meet safety regulations. Additionally, they pose a risk of equipment malfunction or other damages to customers' parts or processes. Be advised, Dymax is not liable for any damage caused by counterfeit material. 


How to Ensure Authentic Dymax Products 

  • Only purchase products directly from Dymax or through our global network of authorized distributors and partners. 
  • Do not purchase or accept material when the package has been tampered with in any way. 
  • Use caution when purchasing products at a deeper discount than you would normally receive directly from Dymax or through one of our authorized partners. 
  • Do not purchase products from suspicious parties online or offline. If in question, please verify partnership with Dymax before purchasing. 


Dymax Brand Integrity

Dymax complies with statutory, regulatory, and our own rigorous internal requirements to deliver an exceptional customer experience.  We take all counterfeit product claims seriously to protect our brand integrity and ensure customers receive high-quality products. We regard such products as an infringement on our intellectual property rights and a violation of our registered trademarks. 

We are investigating recent claims of counterfeit products, unauthorized distribution, and illegal resale of products in China by issuing warning letters to known offenders, filing petitions with local authorities, and other necessary legal action as deemed necessary.  

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