5 Reasons You Should Not Repackage Adhesive and Coating Products

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Repackage Adhesives and Coatings

Reasons to Not Repackage Adhesives & Coatings

Is there a product that you are not able to purchase in the optimal package size that you want? Are you tempted to repackage bulk material into smaller containers or perhaps consolidate smaller containers into bulk?

Here are 5 reasons why repackaging isn't recommended:

1. Voiding Warranty - Reputable companies select their packaging carefully to ensure compatibility with their own materials, protection from light exposure, and preservation of their products’ performance properties. Modification, alteration, or repackaging of a branded product or label will automatically void your warranty.

2. Material Loss - Significant material loss can occur during transfer, which would lead to unrecoverable scrap material and potentially raise your costs.

3. Change in Consistency - Air trapped during refilling of syringes or cartridges can lead to inconsistent shot size and bead dispensing. In addition, some repackaging equipment may shear the material causing it to drop in viscosity, or possibly cause polymerization of the material.

4. Health and Safety Hazard - Repackaging exposes the adhesive material to the threat of contamination by both airborne particles and contaminants that may be present in the package itself. 

5. Shelf Life - When you repackage a light-curable adhesive or coating product there’s a possibility for the material to be exposed to visible light, which may cause some photo reactivity. This would result in partial cure of the product or the initiation of a delayed reaction that may prematurely cure the product in the new package. 

Do you have additional questions about repackaging adhesives and coatings?

Dymax application engineers can offer manufacturers assistance and analysis of their complex applications and provide guidance on selecting the right adhesive for their process. Request to speak with technical support.

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