Dymax Trainings in North America

Dymax Trainings

Dymax North America offers many ways to gain knowledge about the manufacturing industry. Whether you are an existing employee or looking to build a new career, you’ll find ways to propel your career forward with Dymax.

Apprenticeship Program

Dymax employees are eligible to enroll in an innovative manufacturing apprenticeship program at no cost. This program brings the best manufacturing practices into Dymax!

During this two-year apprenticeship program, participants will develop their knowledge base, interact with people from different companies in similar positions, and enhance their skills-set. Upon completion of the program, participants earn a Manufacturing Apprenticeship Certification, recognized and valued across North America.

Internship Program

Dymax has developed a comprehensive internship program to engage with university students across Connecticut. 
We offer 10 – 12-week internships in a variety of functions including chemistry, marketing, finance, operations, chemical and mechanical engineering, data science, and IT. 

Our internship program introduces students to the full scope of the manufacturing process. Students are given an immersive experience with hands-on opportunities to work with our top mentors. All Dymax interns are given meaningful projects to present to senior leaders, giving the students real-world experience in the field.

Rotational Program

Designed for top engineering students, our robust two-year rotational program enables participants to gain experience across several Dymax key business units, providing them with a unique professional development opportunity.  This program will explore their capabilities, ranging from laboratory research to selling our technology directly to the world’s greatest manufacturers. The goal of this rotational program is to expose participants to the immense array of Dymax products and technologies, put them on the front line of business-critical assignments and build their real-world knowledge, and give them the opportunity to work with the most impactful technology that our company makes. 

Rotation I: Laboratory Research
Rotation II: Application Engineering
Rotation III: Sales Engineer

The goal of the program is to identify and prepare the next generation of top technical talent at Dymax by building one’s engineering, leadership, and business acumen through a challenging, fast-paced rotation experience. 

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