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UV-curable, tack-free, soft, and flexible FIP/CIP gasketing resin is formulated for sealing plastic, glass and metal enclosures and plated surfaces. This moisture and chemical resistant gasket acts as a barrier to prevent absorption or penetration.
Fluorescing conformal coating designed for superior circuit protection with coating thicknesses up to 0.254 mm (0.010 in). This product cures with UV/Visible light first, then over time with a secondary ambient moisture cure.
Formulated to ensure complete cure on high-density PCBs where shadow areas are a concern. This product is optimized for coating thicknesses between 25 mic [0.001 in] and 127 mic [0.005 in] and excels in coating applications where chemical and abrasion resistance is critical. The material cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and features a secondary moisture cure.
Low viscosity conformal coating formulated with 100% solids for rapid room-temperature cure when exposed to UV light. This coating has a secondary heat-cure and ultra-high fluorescence.
UV-curable adhesive for rapid chip encapsulation in chip-on-board or chip-on-flex printed circuit board applications. This encapsulant forms flexible, highly moisture-resistant bonds to diverse surfaces and remains flexible to -40°C, making it ideal for COF applications.
UV-curable moisture and chemical resistant FIP/CIP gasket resin for applications that require a soft, tack-free, low-outgassing, flexible gasket with a compression set. GA-140 has good adhesion to nylon and plastic surfaces.
Dymax 9906-AA is an active alignment epoxy adhesive that is heat and/or LED light-curable.

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