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Household Appliance Assembly

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UV/Visible light-curable adhesive for rapid tacking of repair wires on PCBs. This product has high tensile strength, excellent adhesion, and faster UV fixture time. This adhesive features a secondary heat cure for complete cures in shadow areas.
Self-leveling flexible FIP/CIP gasket resin formulated for speaker assembly, sound damping, and automotive enclosures applications which require soft, tacky, flexible gasket with good deflection and self-leveling viscosity.
Flexible FIP/CIP gasketing resin for applications that require soft, tacky, flexible, low compression set. This silicone-free product cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light.
Soft, tacky, flexible FIP/CIP gasketing resin with good adhesion to plastic, metal, and ceramic surfaces. This product cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and fluoresces blue for easy visual inspection.
UV-curable, tack-free, soft, and flexible FIP/CIP gasketing resin is formulated for sealing plastic, glass and metal enclosures and plated surfaces. This moisture and chemical resistant gasket acts as a barrier to prevent absorption or penetration.
FIP and CIP moisture and chemical resistant gasketing resin for fuel cells, underwater enclosures, and high-temperature sealing applications that require low compression set. This self-leveling product cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light.
501-E-REV-A Activator, when pre-applied to metallic, plated, ceramic, or glass substrates rapidly cures 600 series and 800 series structural adhesives and thermal interface materials in gaps from less than 1 mil to 20 mils.
High-performance structural bonding adhesive ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates where maximum tensile shear strength is required. This product cures using activator.
Fast-curing adhesive designed to form strong bonds to PMMA (Acrylic), polycarbonate, glass, and other plastic substrates. This product's clarity and low viscosity produce clear, bubble-free bond lines.
Optically clear structural adhesive for fast assembly of metal to glass, potting critical components, and large-area bonding. This high-impact product is resistant to yellowing and thermal shock.
UV-curable industrial adhesive for glass-to-metal bonding. This product resists high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility.
Low-stress adhesive cures with UV or LED light in seconds for rapid bonding and laminating to glass, metal, and many plastics. Bonds resist yellowing in the sun and have good performance in thermal cycling.
Formulated to ensure complete cure on high-density PCBs where shadow areas are a concern. This product is optimized for coating thicknesses between 25 mic [0.001 in] and 127 mic [0.005 in] and excels in coating applications where chemical and abrasion resistance is critical. The material cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and features a secondary moisture cure.
Low viscosity conformal coating formulated with 100% solids for rapid room-temperature cure when exposed to UV light. This coating has a secondary heat-cure and ultra-high fluorescence.
Metal bonding adhesive curable with UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator. Visible light can penetrate through many UV-blocked and colored plastics and glasses. Applications include coil winding, potting, as well as metal-to-glass bonding.

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