Protect implants, medical devices & surgical instruments with SpeedMask orthopaedic maskants that cure with UV/Visible light.

Orthopaedic Implant Masking

SpeedMask® Orthopaedic Maskants

Protection of Implants, Surgical Instruments, and Medical Devices

Mask and seal all components in one step with SpeedMask® orthopaedic maskants! Light-curable medical masking resins are residue free and offer reliable protection during most surface finishing. Replace time-consuming tape, wax, and lacquer processes and even fixtures to increase manufacturing throughput. SpeedMask materials are ideal for use on orthopedic implants such as knee replacements, hip stems, and also shoulders.

These temporary protective coatings can seal and protect machined, ground, or polished surfaces during tumbling, peening, abrading, plating, and plasma-spray coatings, as well as cleaning. Easily apply solvent-free maskants to components and cure them in seconds upon exposure to light energy. They are easy to incorporate into automated systems, and help reduce labor, rework, and scrap. Available in burn-off and peelable grades, orthopedic maskants are easily removed and leave surfaces residue free.

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