Assemble cutting tools, measuring devices, and saws with light-curable materials for handheld power tool applications.

Handheld Power Tool Assembly

Light-Curable Materials for Handheld Power Tool Applications

Adhesives, Coatings, Gaskets, and Masking Materials for Glass, Metal, and Plastic Substrates

Dymax light-curable materials including adhesives, coatings, gaskets, and maskants are available for various applications found in handheld power tool assembly. The products are all solvent-free, one component, and cure quickly upon exposure to light. Fast cure increases throughput and decreases work in progress, increasing efficiency and cost savings for the manufacturer.

LCMs bond glass, plastics, and even metal substrates typically used in the manufacturer of handheld power tools. The materials bond quickly when exposed to UV/Visible light energy to join, protect, and seal components.  Coatings protect printed circuit boards and electronics from environmental damage, while maskants protect surfaces from finishing processes such as acid stripping. Form in place gaskets help fill and seal channels and adhesives cure in seconds to adhere substrates together.

Typical applications include the assembly of power tools, saws and cutting tools, as well as measuring devices.