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Rapid rigid adhesive and shallow potting (0.25 in/6mm) for a wide variety of substrates. This material is formulated to cure primarily with UV/Visible light and includes a secondary heat or activator cure function in applications with shadow areas.
High-strength resin for rigid adhesive bonds or potting of a wide variety of substrates. This resin cures clear and deep. This product can be cured with UV light, and shadow areas can be cured with heat.
High-strength resin cures clear and deep. Suitable for when rigid adhesive bonds and potted areas are desired. This product cures with UV-light and heat or activator cure for shadow areas.
Fluorescing adhesive for fast assembly of components made of metal, glass, ceramic, phenolic, filled polyamide, and other substrate materials. This product cures rapidly upon exposure to UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator.
Metal bonding adhesive curable with UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator. Visible light can penetrate through many UV-blocked and colored plastics and glasses. Applications include coil winding, potting, as well as metal-to-glass bonding.
Structural bonding adhesive forms hard, clear bonds and rapidly cures with UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator. Common applications include metal-to-glass bonding, coil winding, and potting.
Light and heat-curable encapsulant & potting resin for electronic assembly and circuit boards where enhanced moisture and thermal cycling, and abrasion resistance are required. This material provides optimal coverage over difficult circuit geometries and minimizes stress on delicate wire bonds.

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