Dymax offers system integration solutions to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical device assembly markets.

System Integration Markets

System Integration Solutions

Design and Manufacturing Consultation for Dispense and Cure Automation

Does your company need system integration services? The Dymax system integration team has extensive experience working with manufacturers throughout the aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial, and medical device industries. We partner with our customers, using our expertise to design custom automated and robotic dispense and cure systems specific to their application. The successful integration of all the systems helps create more efficient manufacturing processes, saving businesses time as well as money.

System Integration Markets


Dymax has 35 years of experience in the masking and surface treatment of parts and assemblies for the aerospace field, including turbine masking and post-process finishing applications. Our system integration experts work directly with Mil-Spec precision metal handling and robotics companies, as well as finishing partners, to solve complex assembly processes and deliver complete system solutions to customers

Past integration projects include a turbine lead-edge machining and masking cell, fin blade mask and peel unit, and turbine hold detection and fill systems. With patented processes and continuing IP development in the handling and treatment of turbines, coatings, and metal finishing, Dymax can design and deliver added value to aerospace manufacturers.


Dymax began its 35-year journey by working with businesses in the automotive/industrial manufacturing sectors. Our years of experience and market understanding allows us to work as the ideal system integration partner for both OEM’s and Tier1/2/3 suppliers for part and fabrication programs.

Our team helps with costing and performance data, design, and assembly solutions that reduce cost, energy, and cycle times related to production. Past projects include an auto parts fabrication system consisting of a single station with the capability to handle multiple materials as well as a platform for handling multiple boards on a pallet.

Whether conformal coating under the hood, to large part dispense/sealing for chassis and body panel parts, Dymax can deliver system integration services for a range of applications.


Dymax system integration experts can assist manufacturers with electronic component fabrication and assembly projects. We offer a range of dispense-cure-part handling solution bundles that can be customized to each electronics application.

Successful electronic system integration projects include an XYZ gantry dispense and conveyor system for conformal coating and a dotting/potting solution for flat or contoured surface coating.

Whether assessing precision placement of micro-dots, conformal coating boards for protection and privacy, or developing next-generation printable circuits, Dymax materials and automation combine to deliver solutions for your specific needs.


Dymax has years of expertise in the medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industries, making us an ideal partner for your system integration needs. Dymax is a leader in the development of cutting-edge technology and innovative applications. We provide solutions to unique challenges or can develop automation products where no current solution exists.

Through this experience, we offer a range of controlled precision dispensing, handling and dosing equipment solutions for general assembly, clean room, laboratory testing, and device manufacture. Successful projects include the design of a masking robot, catheter tube bonding station, and a vial filler.

We partner with you to design a complete system solution that reduces assembly costs, increases quality, and makes manufacturing smarter. We can help with implant masking, part sealing, tube bonding, and facemask assembly applications, as well as with laboratory R&D systems.