Activator for Fast, Reliable, Structural Bonding

501-E-REV-A activator, when pre-applied to metallic, plated, ceramic, or glass substrates including PCBs, rapidly cures Multi-Cure® 600 series and 800 series structural adhesives and thermal interface materials in gaps from less than 1 mil to 20 mils. Activator bonding increases efficiency, consistency, and reliability and provides broad tolerance of adhesive-to-activator ratios. Rapid, on-demand curing to fixture or handling strength allows in-line quality control and increased production throughput.

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The product is environmentally safe because it is free of solvents (VOCs) and ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCs). The low volatility of this product and its high flash point also enhances safety in the workplace. 501-E-REV-A activator is in full compliance with the RoHS2 Directives 2015/863/EU.


Viscosity (nominal):  30-40 cP

Flash Point (Closed Cup):  245°F

Specific Gravity:  1.0



  • Strong structural bonds
  • Fixtures in seconds
  • No solvent flash-off time
  • No VOCs and ODCs

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