Starting Out with a UV Spot-Cure System?

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Download our spot-cure system starter kit to get valuable information about your curing system setup and maintenance as well as information about spot-curing system accessories such as lightguides and radiometers.

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  • Validating a Spot-Curing Process Article: Find out how to setup your light-curing process to ensure it will perform accurately every time.
  • Curing Area/Intensity vs. Distance Reference Charts: See how intensity and curing area size is affected by the distance from the lightguide. Charts with single and multi-pole lightguides provided.
  • Lightguide Care and Accessories Technical Bulletin:  Lightguides deliver energy to the curing area, making them an important part of the curing system. Make sure you know how to properly care for them to keep your system in top shape.
  • Lightguide Cleaning Instructions: This tech tip shows you how to properly clean contaminates that may effect performance from your lightguides.
  • New Bulb Intensity Drop Tech Tip:  If a new bulb suddenly drops in intensity, check the items in this tech tip.
  • Intensity Conversion Chart: Do you know how to convert Joules/cm2 to milliwatts/cm2 and vise versa? This handy bulletin teaches you both formulas.

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