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  • An Introduction to Light-Curing Technology: This introductory e-book discusses the unique aspects of light-curing technology and the science behind it. Readers will learn the basics of UV light and the polymerization process, as well as gain fundamental knowledge regarding the unique characteristics of light-curing technology.
  • 7 Reasons Why Light-Curable Adhesives are Best for Medical Device Assembly:  The benefits of light-curable adhesives are vast.  Learn which ones make these adhesives great for medical applications in this fun infographic.
  • Ensuring the Reliability of Disposable Syringes with Light-Cure Adhesives:  This white paper discusses the process of assembling the cannula to the syringe hub and gives great insight into how to pair the right adhesive with the correct syringe design.
  • 215-CTH-UR-SC Catheter Series Infographic:  This infographic displays the features and benefits of Dymax’s newest catheter adhesive for difficult-to-bond substrates.

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