Starter Kits

Downloadable Packages of Educational Resources on Light-Curing Products

Our free educational starter kits are designed to help individuals who are just getting started with light-curing technology learn the basics of the material they are using and provide useful resources like reference tables, tips for success, and other tools to help them accrue the knowledge they need to design and maintain a successful light-curing process. All starter kits are packaged in .ZIP files for easy download.

The following starter kits are now available. Check back often as more will be added.

Starter Kit

Light-Cure Conformal Coatings Starter Kit

Everything you need to get you started with light-cure conformal coatings in one valuable package. Learn about the chemistry behind the coating, application and removal methods, and tons of other useful information.

See what's included in the conformal coating starter kit

Starter Kit

UV Spot Lamp Starter Kit

Are you new to curing with a UV spot lamp? Download this start kit to learn important maintenance information, how to correctly validate your spot-curing process, and lots of other useful information.

See what's included in the spot lamp starter kit

Starter Kit

Light-Curable Adhesives for Needle Bonding Starter Kit

This starter kit teaches the fundamentals of light-curing technology and gives great insight into selecting the right adhesive for different joint designs and tips to ensure strong adhesion.

See what's included in the needle bonders starter kit

Starter Kit

Light-Curable Adhesives for Catheter Assembly Starter Kit

Download our starter kit to learn the basics of light-cure technology and get useful resources and tips to help you better understand how to successfully set up and maintain your catheter bonding process.

See what's included in the catheter bonders starter kit