Plastic bonding adhesives and protective resins cure with UV/Visible light to form high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds to substrates.

Plastic Assembly

Light-Curable Plastic Bonding Adhesives and Sealants

High-Strength, Environmentally Resistant Bonds to Plastic Substrates

Plastic bonding adhesives and sealants for industrial applications cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light energy. The materials cure rapidly for high-speed production using broad-spectrum bulbs or UV LED arrays. Many products even cure through UV-blocked plastics. These solvent-free formulations form high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds and protective seals to plastics and other substrates, including polycarbonate, PVC, phenolic, LCP, and acrylic as well as metal, glass, and ceramic. Because they adhere to so many different substrates, these light-curable products are exceptional choices for bonding dissimilar materials, something that cannot be done with traditional welding methods and other types of adhesives.

Products that fluoresce blue under low-intensity black light for post-cure quality inspection, as well as materials with secondary moisture cure for shadow areas, are available. Protective resins formulated with Encompass® technology incorporate patented See-Cure color change and Ultra-Red® fluorescing into one light-curable product. Manufacturers that utilize these materials in their assembly process gain efficiencies from rapid on-demand curing with easy cure confirmation and post-cure bond-line inspection. Additional features of Dymax plastic bonding adhesives and sealants include low shrinkage, low stress, softness and flexibility, and the formation of hard, clear bonds.

These light-curable materials are ideal for industrial plastic bonding including tacking, sealing, potting, fixturing and ruggedizing plastic parts. Typical applications include appliance assembly, automotive sub-assemblies, aerospace vibration dampening, high-end jewelry manufacturing, as well as sealing critical automotive components. The products are also utilized in the assembly of housings, high-end displays, cosmetic household items, headlamps, novelties, signs, light fixtures, awards, and plastic packaging.