Structural Adhesives for Metal and Magnet Bonding and Motor Assembly

Structural Assembly

Adhesives for Metal, Glass, Magnet, and Motor Assembly

Bond Glass, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, Magnets, Filled Nylon, Phenolic Plastics, and Polyamide

Activator-curing structural adhesives brought about the technology revolution known as “cold bonding”. This type of technology shortens the assembly times associated with industrial metal and glass bonding and motor and magnet assembly. The materials cure upon exposure to UV/Visible light, heat (for shadow areas), or activator (for opaque surfaces). The adhesives bond glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, magnets, filled nylon, phenolic plastics, and polyamide, as well as dissimilar substrates. Fast cure time saves space, labor, and regulatory compliance costs making product assembly easier and more efficient for manufacturers.

Features of Structural Adhesives:

  • Fixture in seconds
  • Acid-free
  • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Develop strength to 500 psi in seconds, with ultimate bond strengths to 3,500 psi, between opaque surfaces with activator

Products with moisture- and high-temperature resistance, clear bonds, and flexibility are also available. Dymax structural adhesives are ideal for metal bonding, coil winding, DC motor assembly, shallow potting, magnet bonding, loudspeaker hardware assembly, as well as for bonding automotive latches, consumer packaging, and glass fixtures and furniture.