BlueWave® MX-Series Multichannel Controllers

Independently Drive Up to Four BlueWave® MX-Series Emitters with One Controller

CE Marked – Available Globally

BlueWave® MX-series multichannel controllers are available in 2- and 4-channel versions, allowing manufacturers to use just one controller to run up to four emitter work stations. Each emitter can be controlled independently of the others or in any combination to produce flood and light bar patterns. Activation can be by foot pedal or through an enhanced PLC and interface. The controllers are compatible with all Dymax MX-series emitters including the BlueWave® MX-150 spot lamp, BlueWave® MX-250 flood lamp, and BlueWave® MX-275 light bar. Interconnect cables are available in 2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-meters lengths, allowing emitters to be stationed further from the controller.

The controllers are designed to provide manufacturers with greater curing flexibility. Users can start with a single emitter and add others as their applications grow. Emitter models can be utilized in different combinations with the same controller. For those requiring a spot-cure system, BlueWave® MX-150 emitters can be outfitted with single or multi-pole lightguides to provide up to 16 individual cure spots from a single controller.

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BlueWave® MX-Series 2-Channel Controller** 43185 North American Power Cord
43186 Asian Power Cord (Type G)
43184 No Power Cord*
BlueWave® MX-Series 4-Channel Controller** 43182 North American Power Cord
43183 Asian Power Cord (Type G)
43181 No Power Cord*
Interconnect Cables 42287    2-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
42889    5-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
43010    10-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
43011    20-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
Foot Pedal 43106    Foot Pedal
Emitter Stands 43070   MX Emitter Stand – Includes LED Stand 41268 and 43019 Kit for up to 4 Emitters

43019   MX Emitter Stand Kit – Attaches to Stand 41268 and Holds up to 4 Emitters

41268   BlueWave® LED Mounting Stand with Acrylic Back Shield

41395   3-Sided Acrylic Shield – Works with Stand 41268

* For European customers, the appropriate power cord will be added.
**Interconnect cables to connect controller to emitters and foot pedals sold separately.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
One controller runs up to four emitters independently by footswitch or as an integrated light bar (50 mm x 200 mm)
  • Reduces the number of controllers required
  • Reduces equipment footprint and cost
Compatible with BlueWave® MX-Series emitters*
  • Users can easily switch between LED spot and flood curing configurations
  • All BlueWave® MX-series emitters available in 365, 385, and 405 nm versions
  • Future compatibility with the BlueWave® MX-275 light bar
Admin and production modes
  • Simple on/off operation using production mode
  • Application specific curing profiles/programs can be easily entered, stored, and recalled when needed
  • Units can be password protected so only production mode can be accessed by workers
Touch screen with full keyboard
  • Improved user interface
  • Stylus aids easy menu navigation and attaches to unit
Instant on-off
  • No warm-up period
  • More energy efficient
LED temperature management
and system monitoring
  • Maximized continuous operation without overheating
  • Temperature monitoring assures maximum LED life
  • Monitors critical system functions
Remote I/O interface
  • Easily incorporated into automated systems
  • Improved PLC interface provides additional flexibility for automated applications

* Compatible with BlueWave® MX-150 and BlueWave® MX-250 emitters with firmware version 1.08 or higher. Dymax can easily upgrade emitter firmware to the latest versions by returning your emitter to our one of our service facilities.

System Specifications

Power Supply Input:
100-240V≈ 2.5A, 50-60Hz

LED Timer:
0.1 to 999 seconds, max (timer accuracy 0.1%)

LED Activation:
Foot pedal, LCD touchscreen, or PLC

Cooling: Air cooled

Controller Dimensions (W x D x H):
5.14″ x 7.19″ x 7.35″
[13.1 cm x 18.3 cm x 18.7 cm]

Controller: 2.6 lbs. [1.18 kg]

Unit Warranty:
1 year from purchase date

Operating Environment:
10 to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
0-30% relative humidity, non-condensing

Images & Diagrams

MX-Series Multi-Channel Controller

BlueWave® MX-275 with 4-Channel Controller & Emitter Stand 

Four Workstations

4 Separate Workstations from One Controller

MX-Series Multi-Channel Controller
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