Stepper™ Pipettes

Stepper™ Pipette

Easy to Operate Pipette for Repetitive Dispensing

The Dymax Stepper™ is a simple to operate, repetitive dispensing pipette. Users have the ability to set a specific dispense volume and repeat it over and over again with extreme accuracy.

This pipette utilizes a disposable, silicone-free, medical-grade syringe as its fluid reservoir. The pipette dispenser is designed so that the fluid reservoir never comes in contact with the operator’s hand, preventing adverse heat transfer which could influence the accuracy of the pipette. The Stepper™ pipette also eliminates fluid contamination by preventing fluids from coming in contact with the dispenser.

The contaminate-free dispensing this pipette offers is ideal for lab applications or other work with sterile fluids. Some common uses include:

  • Radio immunoassay
  • Tissue culture
  • Histo-compatibilty
  • Enzyme immunoassay
  • Titration
  • Pathogenic material
  • Sterile procedure
  • Precise inoculations


Part Number T15469 T15471
Syringe Size 1 mL 3 mL
Needle Gauge 21 21
Shot Range 0.01 – 0.10 mL 0.05 – 0.25 mL
Dispense Increments 0.01 mL 0.05 mL
Accuracy ± 5% ± 2%
Repeatability ± 2.5% ± 2%
Unit Warranty 1 year from purchase date

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Simple, manual operation
  • No electric or air required for use
Positive displacement accuracy
  • Consistency from first to last dispense
Rugged construction
  • Can withstand constant handling
All wetted parts are disposable
  • Quick, easy changeover of materials
  • Eliminates any chance of material contamination during dispensing
  • Eliminates material compatibility issues
Small, portable, ergonomic design
  • Operators can dispense fluids in comfort
  • Pipette is small in size and can be easily transported between labs, etc.

Images & Diagrams

Stepper Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes
Stepper™ Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes”

Stepper Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes
Stepper™ Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes

Stepper Pipettes
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