Model 200 Hand-Held Valve Systems

Nature of Valve: Closed

The Dymax Model 200 is a manually controlled dispensing system. Accurate dispensing is achieved through the use of a unique normally-closed, hand-held diaphragm valve. The diaphragm valve is designed with a wand-style body to make it more ergonomic for users. Dymax hand-held dispensing systems can be used for a variety of applications including dot, bead, and potting applications. This valve is ideal for dispensing UV adhesives, cyanoacrylates, inks, and other low-to-medium viscosity (up to 5,000 cP) fluids.

Dymax hand-held fluid dispensing systems are engineered for optimal performance and long service life.

Special Features of the Model 200 Dispensing System:

  • Compatibility with Dymax packages of UV/Visible light-curable adhesives, epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates, and activator-cured adhesives
  • High-quality, light-blocking polyethylene fluid tubing in two sizes – 3/8″ OD for maximum flow and 1/4″ OD to provide flexibility for easy handling
  • High-quality, air precision regulator supplied for precise fluid control
  • Air filter regulator includes an integrated shutoff valve and pressure exhaust to quickly and safely depressurize the system, eliminating the need for the operator to open and close the regulator
  • Easy-to-open, swing-down toggles on the bottle and pail reservoir

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Specifications Valve Type:Hand-held diaphragm valve, normally closed

Construction Materials, Wetted Parts: Teflon & Delron

Dimensions (H x D): 6.45″ x 2.20″ [2.2 cm x 11.4 cm]

Warranty: 1 year from purchase

Recommended Accessories & Spare Parts: 
T16307 Air Filter Regulator with Dump Valve
T16629 High-Precision Air Regulator
T15466 Valve Stand

Images & Diagrams

Dispensing Valve

Model 200 Hand-Held Diaphragm Valve


Select System Based on Fluid Package Used

Valve Only T15218 RFQ
Complete System Without Reservoir T20050 RFQ
6 oz
[160 mL]
T20065  RFQ
12 oz
[300 mL]
T20085  RFQ
20 oz
[550 mL]
T20105  RFQ
Large Bottle
Up to
1 Gallon
T20145 RFQ
Pail Drop-In Up to 15 Liter T20165 RFQ

*All systems include a Model 200 valve, selected reservoir, fluid line kits, valve stand, air precision regulator, air line kits, air filter/regular, and tip kit.

Model 200 Dispensing Valve
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