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Light-Curing Equipment Systems Controllers

Independently Drive Emitters with One Controller

BlueWave® MX-series multichannel controllers are available in 2- and 4-channel versions, allowing manufacturers to use just one controller to run up to four emitter work stations. Each emitter can be controlled independently of the others or in any combination to produce flood and light bar patterns. Activation can be by foot pedal or through an enhanced PLC and interface. The controllers are compatible with all Dymax MX-series emitters including the BlueWave® MX-150 spot lamp, BlueWave® MX-250 flood lamp, and BlueWave® MX-275 light bar. Interconnect cables are available in 2- or 5-meters lengths, allowing emitters to be stationed further from the controller. Longer cables are available upon request.


One controller runs up to four emitters independently by footswitch or as an integrated light bar (50 mm x 200 mm); compatible with BlueWave®  MX-Series emitters; admin and production modes; touch screen with full keyboard; instant on-off; remote I/O interface

CE Marked – Available Globally