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Light-Curing System Controllers

Independently Drive Dymax LED Emitters with One Controller

The BlueWave® Multichannel Controller and BlueWave® MX-MIM Machine Interface Module enable manufacturers and machine builders to power up to four MX-Series LED light-curing emitters independently or in any combination. The controllers are easily integrated into automated systems, enabling operators to utilize a single emitter or add others as their application grows, allowing for greater curing flexibility.

Compatible with all BlueWave® MX-150 spot curing, MX-250 flood curing, and MX-275 light-bar systems, the controllers make switching between flood and spot-curing configurations easy. The emitters, available in 365 nm, 385 nm, and 405 nm wavelengths, produce spot, flood, and light-bar patterns for fast curing of light-curable materials. These CE marked curing system controllers are available with interconnect cables in varying lengths, allowing emitters to be stationed together or further apart.

The BlueWave Multichannel Controller is ideal for manufacturers that need to operate individual light-curing workstations via foot pedal or through an enhanced PLC and interface.

For machine builders and automated processes, the BlueWave MX-MIM uses PROFINET and EtherNet/IP network protocols to greatly reduce I/O channels and free up analog control cards compared to traditional analog- and digital-relay-logic PLC control.

Advanced monitoring and diagnostics for systems, controllers, and emitters; integrated web browser; simplified wiring and I/O; Independent safety interlocks not reliant on firmware; independently drive up to four BlueWave® MX-series emitters (MX-150 spot lamp; MX-250 flood lamp; MX-275 light bar) at the same time

CE Marked – Available Globally


One controller runs up to four emitters independently by footswitch or as an integrated light bar (50 mm x 200 mm); compatible with BlueWave®  MX-Series emitters; admin and production modes; touch screen with full keyboard; instant on-off; remote I/O interface

CE Marked – Available Globally