Thermal interface materials cure with UV light in seconds for fast bonding of heat sinks and other electronic components.

Thermal Interface Materials

UV/Visible Light-Curable Materials for Thermal Interfaces

Rapidly Mount Heat-Sensitive Components onto Printed Circuit Boards

Multi-Cure® thermal interface materials provide an efficient method of thermal transfer between heat sinks and electronics. The products cure in seconds with light, heat, or activator, providing cutting edge performance characteristics with maximum processing convenience. Most applications utilize a combination of these curing methods for optimal cure speed. Light cure allows for exposed areas to cure immediately, fixturing parts in place so activator or heat can continue curing in shadowed areas without interruption to process flow.

Dymax thermally conductive adhesives are ideal for mounting heat sinks and heat-sensitive electronic components to printed circuit boards, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners and clips. These products offer thermal conductivity levels as high as 0.9 W/m*K and are suited for applications where it is desirable to increase thermal conductivity between assembled parts.

Additional Benefits of TIMs:

  • Remain in place prior to part being mated
  • Instant fixture for immediate movement to next process
  • Long-term reliability
  • No heat exposure required
  • Minimal expansion during thermal rise
  • No refrigeration necessary

The high viscosity and highly thixotropic properties of these formulation make them ideal for dispensing and material placement.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products A variety of Dymax halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials are also available.