Automotive Conformal Coatings for the Assembly of Vehicle Electronics

Automotive Conformal Coatings

Automotive Conformal Coatings

Tough, Durable Protection of Vehicle Electronics and PCBs

Automotive conformal coatings for electronics offer tough, durable protection of printed circuit boards used in the assembly of vehicles. The materials cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, streamlining assembly processes. Apply them in select areas or over the entire surface of printed circuit boards to provide protection from service environments.

No mixing is required because the materials are one part for easy dispensing. Fast cure enables manufacturers to quickly dispense, apply, and cure the coatings. Finished components can be shipped immediately, eliminating the time-consuming steps of room-temperature and thermal-cure products.

Dymax conformal coatings are available for tin whisker mitigation, humid environments, and with dual-cure technology. Dual-cure products cure over time in shadow areas with moisture, eliminating the need for a second process step and concerns of component life degradation due to temperature exposure during processing.

The materials are solvent free and contain very low VOCs, eliminate the need for solvent handling, enhance worker safety, and minimize environmental impact. Dymax electronic products also meet standard environmental stress requirements and have excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. Blue- and Ultra-Red® fluorescing formulations, for easy quality inspection, are also available.

Light-cure conformal coatings are ideal for use on printed circuit boards found in a large number of automotive electronics, as well as in power seat controls, engine control modules, speedometer circuitry, climate controls, and more.