Technical Bulletins

Technical bulletins are available in PDF format for easy downloading and printing. In order to access the information you are interested in, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Once you have installed the program, click on the technical bulletin link to begin downloading.


Lit 136A – Dispensing Equipment Selection and Setup Considerations
Lit 158 – Micro Air Bubbles Troubleshooting Tips
Lit 152 – Mixing and Contamination of Dymax Products
Lit 140 – Suggested Method for Spray Applications of Conformal Coatings
Lit 139 – Suggested Method for Spray Applications of Low Viscosity Conformal Coatings
Lit 136 – Dispensing Equipment Selection and Setup Considerations for Dual-Cure Materials

Guidelines for Curing

ART032 – Validating a Spot Curing System
ART065 – Validating a Flood Curing System
ART066 – Validating a Conveyor Curing System
TB087 – LED Di Life
Lit 022 – Guidelines for Activator Curing
Lit 021 – Guidelines for UV Curing
Lit 020 – Guidelines for Curing Medical Cyanoacrylates

Other Technical Bulletins

Lit 232 – Adhesives for Medical Disposable Devices
Lit 176 – Syneresis
Lit 175 – Adhesive Crystallization
Lit 167 – Overexposure to UV Curing Light
Lit 153 – More Applications at Lower Costs
Lit 148 – Correct Airflow for Optimum Performance of 400 Watt Bulbs
Lit 135 – Intensity Conversion Chart
Lit 134 – Questions and Answers: Use of UV Lights
Lit 132 – Adhesive Bead and Film Coverage
Lit 127 – Outgassing
Lit 026 – Choosing an Underfill Resin to Minimize Cost
TB003 – Repackaging of Dymax Adhesive and Coating Products

Rework and Removal

Lit 144 – Methods of Reworking/Repairing Dymax 984 Series Conformal Coatings
Lit 079 – Removal of Cured UV Adhesives
Lit 078 – Rework and Removal of UV Conformal Coatings


Lit 133 – Dymax UV Curing System Safety Considerations
Lit 077 – Chemical Safety Overview for Dymax
Adhesives and Resins