Why Conformal Coatings are Essential in Automotive Electronics Applications

Every new vehicle on the market is expected to be safe, comfortable, and reliable. Those characteristics depend greatly on the quality of the electronics used. Airbag controls, fuel injection systems, suspension control, automatic transmissions, modules for power windows and doors, engine control modules, and climate controls are a tiny fraction of the current electronic systems found in the average new car. Use of electronics is even higher in hybrid vehicles. A car is a harsh environment for a printed circuit board, depending on the location of the board, how much use the vehicle gets, and the sort of environment to which it is exposed. The fragile electronic components and the paths between them must be protected in order to function reliably. Conformal coatings can provide reliable protection for these printed circuit boards, extending the life of the electronic components.

Learn more about how conformal coatings work and what types of automotive circuit boards they can be used on in the infographic below.

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Why Conformal Coat Automotive Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)