215-CTH-UR-SC Adhesives Series for Catheter Assembly

Engineered to Bond Difficult Substrates Like Nylon 12 & PEBA

The 215-CTH-UR-SC family of adhesives provides excellent adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates, like Nylon 12 and PEBA, commonly used in advanced catheter design. These adhesives should be considered for assembly of catheters used in renal denervation and vascular intervention, as well as in balloon catheter, marker band, and manifold bond joint applications.These adhesives are formulated with Dymax exclusive Encompass® technology, so manufactures get all the benefits of LED-curing technology along with easy cure confirmation and Ultra-Red® fluorescing for quick bond line inspection. Find out more about this unique family of catheter adhesives in the infographic below.

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