Model 826 Disposable Fluid Path Pinch Valve

Nature of Valve: Closed

The Model 826 is a pneumatically operated, normally closed pinch valve. This dispense valve dispenses a wide variety of materials, and is specifically designed to dispense thicker, stringy materials with ease. The valve is highly precise and obtains its precision from lockable controls that facilitate the adjustment of three critical parameters: the flow rate through the valve, the amount of tube closure, and suck-back.

The valve’s suck-back feature allows for the clean shutoff of stringy and tacky materials and prevents the formation of a droplet at the end of the dispense nozzle. It also minimizes the filming over of materials that tend to dry out at the end of the nozzle.

The valve also features a disposable fluid path which carries materials from the material reservoir to the dispense tip. Fluids are sealed within the fluid path, preventing contact with the valve’s inner components and ensuring a contaminate-free dispensing process. The fluid path is easy to replace and requires minimum clean-up, allowing for rapid material changeover. This valve can be supplied with fluid paths of varying materials and sizes for optimum material compatibility.

The dispensing valve can be integrated into an automated dispensing system or can be paired with the Dymax DVC-345 Digital Valve Controller and a material reservoir to create a bench-top dispensing system.


Part Number:
Model 826 Valve with 0.25″ [0.63 cm] OD Polyethylene Tubing

Valve Type: Pinch Valve with Disposable Fluid Path

Construction Materials: Anodized Aluminum

Operating Air Pressure:  60-90 psi [4.1 – 6.3 bar]

Activation: Valve controller or 3-way solenoid valve

Maximum Inlet Fluid Pressure:
Tubing Dependent; 100 psi [6.9 bar] Typical

Maximum Operating Temperature: 150°F [65°C]

Maximum Tubing Size: 0.25″ [0.63 cm] OD

Dimensions (W x H x D):
1.13″ x 2.5″ x 2.66″ [2.87 cm x 6.35 cm x 6.75 cm]

Weight: 11 oz [312 g]

Unit Warranty: 1 year from purchase date

Recommended Accessories & Spare Parts:

T11146 DVC-345 Digital Valve Controller
T15494 Black Polyethylene Tubing, 0.25″ [0.63 cm] OD
T16307 Filter Regulator
High-Precision Regulator
Lab Stand – 24″ [60.96 cm]
Lab Stand – 8″ [20.32 cm] with Mounting Rods
Black Male Luer Barb

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Disposable fluid path that carries materials from the material reservoir to the dispense tip
  • Fluids remain contaminate-free during dispensing
  • Prevents air entrapment during the dispensing process
  • Allows for easy product changeover with minimal cleanup
  • Fluid never comes in contact with the valve’s inner components, reducing valve maintenance and extending the life of the valve
Over-pinch adjustment
  • Prevents tubing damage, allowing users to secure millions of cycles from the tubing before replacement is required
Stroke adjustment for precise, micrometer control over dispensing volumes
Adjustable suck-back control
  • Eliminates drooling and filming over of the nozzle for a clean, drop-free dispense when dispensing thin or stringy materials
Able to dispense from pressurized cartridges, bottles, and pails (requires appropriate reservoir hardware)
  • Compatible with most standard fluid packages and delivery systems
  • Easy to handle and mount in automated or bench-top systems

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Model 826 Disposable Fluid Path Pinch Valve

Model 826 Disposable Fluid Path Pinch Valve


Model 826 Dispensing Valve
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