Model 400 Hand-Held Needle Valve Systems

Dymax Model 400 pneumatic, normally closed needle valve is designed to deliver precise dots or very fine beads of low- to medium-viscosity fluids. The valve’s design is compact and lightweght, making it easy and comfortable to handle. Air pressure retracts the valve’s needle assembly from the seat allowing fluid to flow from the valve fluid inlet to the dispensing tip. When the air pressure is eliminated, the spring returns the needle back to its position, closing the fluid path and ending the dispense cycle. Accurate, repeatable dispensing can be achieved by utilizing the valve’s material flow adjustment to control the shot volume.

The Model 400 is available in several system packages, paired with the Dymax DVC-345 bench-top valve controller and material reservoirs of various styles and sizes. Additional accessories, like a valve stand and various style dispense tips, are also available for this system.

Special Features and Benefits of the Model 400 Dispensing System:

  • Material flow adjustment on valve for precise control over dispensing volumes
  • Shot-to-shot consistency (when used with the DVC-345 controller)
  • Lightweight, wand-style valve body. Easy and comfortable to handle
  • Able to dispense from pressurized cartridges, bottles, and pails (requires appropriate reservoir hardware)
  • Compatible with most standard fluid packages and delivery systems

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Valve Type: Pnuematic needle valve, normally closed
Valve Construction Materials,
Wetted Parts:
SS, Delrin®, Teflon®, Silicone
Operating Air Pressure: 80-100 psi (5.5 – 6.9 bar)
Activation: DVC-345 valve controller or 2-position, 4-way solenoid valve
Maximum Fluid Pressure: 80 psi (5.5 bar)
Electrical Supply (Controller): 110/220 VAC
Valve Air Inlet Thread: 10-32
Valve Fluid Inlet Thread: 1/8″ (3.2 mm) NPT
Valve Dimensions (H x D): 7.09″ x 1.25″ (3.22 cm x 0.57 cm)
Valve Weight: 0.35 lbs (0.16 kg)
Valve Warranty: 1 year from purchase



Select System Based on Fluid Package Used

Valve Only T17384 RFQ
Complete System Without Reservoir T17838 RFQ
6 oz
[160 mL]
T17704 RFQ
12 oz
[300 mL]
T17705 RFQ
20 oz
[550 mL]
T17706 RFQ
Large Bottle
Up to
1 Gallon
T17707 RFQ
Mini 1-Gallon
Ram Pump
Up to
3.8 Liter Pail
T17840 RFQ
Pail Drop-In Up to 15 Liter
Straight or Taper
T17708 RFQ

Model 400 Systems Include

  • Model 400 Handheld Needle Valve
  • Selected Reservoir
  • DVC-345 Digital Valve Controller
  • Air Filter/Regulator – 0-100 psi (0-6.9 bar)
  • Controller Air Line Kit
  • Fluid Line Kit – 6′ of black 1/4″ (6.3 mm) OD tubing and 3/8″ – 1/4″ (9.5 mm – 6.3 mm) reducer and two 3/8″ – 1/4″ (9.5 mm – 6.3 mm) stem fitting inserts
  • Valve Stand
  • Reservoir Air Line Kit
  • Fluid Line Kit – 6′ of black 3/8″ (9.5 mm) OD tubing
  • Dispensing Tip Kit for Low Viscosity Fluids
  • Air Precision Regulator – Includes three pressure gauges:
    – 0-30 psi (0-2 bar) for very low- to medium-viscosity materials
    – 0-60 psi (0-4.1 bar) for medium-viscosity materials
    – 0-100 psi (0-6.9 bar) for high-viscosity materials

Images & Diagrams

Images & Diagrams

Hand-Held Needle Dispensing Valve

Model 400 Hand-Held Needle Valve

Representative Model 400 Dispensing Systems

T17707 Model 400 with Large Bottle Drop-In Reservoir
Model 400 Dispensing System (T17707 with Large Bottle Reservoir)

Item P/N Description
1 T17384 Model 400 Needle Valve
2 T11146 DVC-345 Valve Controller
3 T17004 Large Bottle Drop-In Tank Assembly with High-Precision Regulator
4 T16307 Filter Regulator
5 T16787 6 FT of Fluid Line Kit – Black 3/8″ OD PE
6 T16793 6 FT of Fluid Line Kit – Black 1/4″ OD PE
7 T16789 Reservoir Airline Kit
8 T16786 Controller Airline Kit
9 T15466 Valve Stand
10 P3424 Tip Kit for Low Viscosity Fluids
Foot Switch
Model 400 Dispensing Valve
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