Optical Display Bonding Adhesives

Optical Display Assembly

Light-Curable Adhesives for Optical Display Assembly

Protect & Enhance the Clarity of Flat Panel Displays, Liquid Crystal Displays, and Smart Connected Devices

Dymax light-curable optical display bonding adhesives are specifically formulated for applications where durable, crystal-clear, invisible bonds are required. Their fast, on-demand cure allows substrates to be repositioned precisely until parts are ready to be cured. One-part LCD adhesives are ideal for touch panel assembly including bonding flat panel displays, touch screens, LCD screens, tablets, outdoor kiosks, navigation systems, liquid crystal displays, kiosk panels, mobile phones, and smart connected devices.

Features and Benefits of Display Optical Bonding Adhesives

  • Non-yellowing for increased light transmission, enhanced brightness, optical clarity, and better contrast ratios
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Superior re-workability for easy removal or repair
  • Easy flow characteristics for flat panel lamination
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Low shrinkage minimizes visible distortion after cure

LCD adhesives also help reduce air entrapment and bubbles to create strong, ripple-free bonds that help increase panel strength. They also act as a barrier against stressing, significantly improving product reliability and warranty costs.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products Dymax has halogen-free formulations. We offer a wide variety of halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials.