Introducing the Modernized Dymax UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor for High-Speed Operations

The Latest Advancement in UV/LED Curing System Technology

Torrington, Connecticut – March 28, 2023... Dymax, a leading manufacturer of rapid curing materials and equipment, is excited to introduce the UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor, an improved version of the well-known and dependable Dymax UVCS line of conveyor curing systems.

Designed with a contemporary industrial look and a focus on the user experience, the conveyor boasts an easy-to-use feature-packed operation and intuitive controls. The redesigned system provides workers with the highest ease of use, enabling faster processing and increased throughput.

The unit features a high-contrast 8-inch touchscreen used to manage the speed, mode of operation, and the LED emitters installed in the conveyor. The system is fully programmable for belt speed and intensity and features a static curing oven mode in addition to providing high-speed conveying. Alternatively, a PLC can be used to activate and run the system. With a 12-inch-wide belt, automated part sensing, and reversible operation, users can maximize their productivity with the UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor.

Compatible with Dymax’s latest BlueWave® FX-1250-series LED flood lamps, the UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor comes equipped with various features to provide seamless integration into an existing process. Several emitter mounting arrangements are available, including a single lamp, line arrays up to 1x3, and side-by-side arrays up to 2x2. Additionally, belt and edge-carry versions are available for different transporting methods. 

With its fully enclosed installation for improved safety and UV leak protection and a high-power exhaust system, the conveyor emits minimal noise, light, and heat. The exhaust system minimizes the chamber temperature even with high-power curing systems, an ideal feature for temperature-sensitive parts. Along with being CE compliant for global use, the UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor is ideally suited for a range of curing applications in the medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense, optical, and appliance industries.

The UVCS V3.0 LED Conveyor is available globally, except in Europe. It will be available in Europe by the end of April 2023.


Dymax推出高速运行、高精确度的固化设备UVCS V3.0 LED传送带


深圳, 中国 – 2023年3月29日... 快速固化材料和设备的先进制造商 Dymax宣布正式推出 UVCS V3.0 LED传送带,该产品为以高性能和高稳定性著称的 Dymax UVCS 系列传送带固化系统的改进版本。


该系统配置高对比度的8英寸触摸屏,用于控制速度、操作模式和安装在传送带中的 LED 发射器。传送皮带速度和光强均可编程,除了可用作桌面式固化炉外,还可将其连接至高速传送带。系统也可以使用 PLC 来激活和运行。凭借12英寸宽的传送皮带,自动部件感应和可逆向运行操作, UVCS V3.0 LED传送带可帮助用户大幅提高生产力。

UVCS V3.0 LED 传送带具备多项功能,与 Dymax 另一款今年新品 BlueWave® FX-1250 系列 LED 面光源兼容,可无缝集成到现有产线中。有多种发射器排列方式可供选择,包括单灯、高达1x3 的单排阵列和2x2 的并排阵列。此外,可针对不同的产线设计,选择皮带式或Edge-Carry轨道式的传输带。

全封闭式组装防止紫外线的外泄,大功率排风系统大幅减少传送带发出的噪音、光和热量。即使采用高功率固化系统,排风系统也可降低工作箱内温度,确保温度敏感的电气部件的稳定运作。UVCS V3.0 LED 传动带符合全球使用的CE认证标准,适用于医疗器械、消费电子、汽车电子、航空航天和国防、光学和电器行业的各种固化应用。

UVCS V3.0 LED传送带现于全球销售,欧洲除外。欧洲市场上市时间为2023年4月底。

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