Tech Tips

Tech Tips provide answers to common questions customers have about light-curing adhesives, equipment, and technology. The videos feature an overview of a topic and/or how-to instructions, with helpful links embedded within the content to related products and subjects.

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NEW! Validating a Flood-Curing Process

This Tech Tip describes the benefits of using integrated light-curing systems in manufacturing, as well as the important steps users of UV flood-curing lamps need to follow into order to validate their light-curing process. This presentation takes a few seconds to load.

10 Common Mistakes Users Make When Dispensing Light-Curable Adhesives

Is Your Adhesive Fully Cured?

This Tech Tip describes some of the steps involved in creating and maintaining a validation process and ways to determine if your light-curable adhesive is fully cured.

The Benefits of Using a Radiometer in a Light-Curing Process

This Tech Tip covers the benefits of using a radiometer to measure intensity and determine the amount of UV energy being emitted from a curing source.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Repackage Adhesives and Coatings

This Tech Tip covers the reasons why adhesives and coatings should not be repackaged.

Methods for Reworking and Removing Cross-Linked Conformal Coatings

The Tech Tip describes the techniques and methods for reworking and removing cured cross-linked conformal coatings from printed circuit boards.

Liquid Light Guide Cleaning Instructions

The Tech Tip describes how to determine if liquid light guides are contaminated with deposits or by out-gassing, how to measure light transmittance, and how to properly clean the light guide ends.