We’ve been published! Below is a selection of articles on a variety of Dymax topics and products.

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Curing Equipment
Lit 018 – UV Light Selection Requires Fitting Lamp to Application
Lit 094 – Lamp/Conveyor System Enhances UV Processing
Lit 189 – A Cure, But at What Cost?
ART032 – How To Validate a UV Spot Lamp Light Curing Process
Lit 261 – Picking the Right Light for a Light-Curing Adhesive
Non-Destructive UV Inspection of Coatings Based on Enhanced Fluorescent Response  published by Metal Finishing
Lit 034 – Conformal Coating Made Easy
Lit 083 – Adhesives Spur Innovations
Lit 090 – Solving Problems with PCB Conformal Coatings
FIP Gaskets
ART017 – Instant FIP Gaskets – Just Add Light
General Interest
Congressman Murphy presents Dymax Corporation with U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award
Lit 037 – Dymax Wins 2005 UCONN CT Family Business Award
Lit 083 – Adhesives Spur Innovations
Lit 092 – Expanding Capabilities with UV/Visible Light Curing Adhesives
Lit 171 – Dymax Wins Quality Improvement Award
Lit 185 – Where Adhesives Beat Mechanical Fasteners
Lit 197 – Andy Bachmann Receives Honor, Flag
Industrial and Structural
Lit 087 – “On Demand” Curing Adhesives Lower Assembly Costs – Increase Production Rates
Lit 091 – The Manufacturing Benefits of Solvent-Free, 100% Solids Aerobic Acrylic Adhesives and Coatings
Lit 092 – Expanding Capabilities with UV/Visible Light Curing Adhesives
Lit 098 – UV Structural Adhesives and Sealants – How They are Unique in the Larger Universe of Photocuring Resins
Lit 186 – ‘Aerobic’ Acrylic Adhesives – Reactive Formulation Is Nonflammable and Low in Odor
Lit 279 – Optimizing the Assembly Process with Light-Curable Adhesives
ART063 – Customized Masking Solutions Don’t Require Customized Masks
Lit 239 – Environmentally Safe UV Curable Masking Resins – An Alternative to Solvent Based Lacquers
Lit 277 – Streamlining Adhesive Decisions
Lit 278 – Tackling Tubing