Enhance your Dymax light-curing systems with accessories from light guides to shutters to eye protection.


Accesorios para sistemas de curado de luz

Mejore su proceso de fotocurado

Una línea de accesorios para complementar su sistema de curado por luz UV existente y mejorar su proceso de curado con luz, que incluye:

Accesorios de sistemas de curado de luz

One controller runs up to four emitters independently by footswitch or as an integrated light bar (50 mm x 200 mm); compatible with BlueWave®  MX-Series emitters; admin and production modes; touch screen with full keyboard; instant on-off; remote I/O interface

CE Marked – Available Globally

Dymax emitter mounting stands keep MX-series emitters (MX-150, MX-250, & MX-275) securely in place for use in bench-top configurations. Stands are available in both single- and multi-emitter designs. Compatible shielding is also avaliable.

Compatible with Dymax EC & ECE flood lamps; for use in bench-top flood curing system configurations; 270° of shielding from UV/visible light