One Way to Strengthen VOCs Management & Control to Meet China Standards

How to Strengthen VOCs Management & Control

As environmental regulations evolve and become more stringent, it’s difficult to find suppliers who produce products that meet certain standards. For manufacturers involved in the assembly of consumer electronics and automotive MFC, finding materials that are environmentally friendly can be a challenge. One area of particular importance is reducing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment.

What are volatile organic compounds?

VOCs are released as gases into the atmosphere from certain liquid and solid substances, including some adhesives and sealants, that may have adverse short- and long-term effects on air quality and human health.

One way a manufacturer can strengthen VOCs management and control is to utilize light-curable materials in their design, fabrication, and assembly processes. Light-curable adhesives and coatings do not contain non-reactive diluents and almost all components are involved in the curing reaction during light or heat-curing process. As a result, they generate very low VOCs emissions and pose less hazards for the environment and human health, while also playing an important role in environmental sustainability.

In response to the need for low VOCs, China enacted an action plan to combat the problem. In 2020, 9 mandatory national standards  were issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and the National Standardization Administration (SAC) related to VOCs that regulate the testing methods and content limits for coatings, adhesives, inks, and cleaning agents. The implementation of new standards draws attention to the fact that the standards will have a significant impact on manufacturers using related products and that companies doing business with China must have products that meet these testing criteria. The use of UV adhesive is aligned with China’s climate and energy policies on reducing emissions of VOCs.

Dymax Contribute's to China's Blue Sky War

Dymax actively responds to the national action plan to help enterprises
strengthen VOCs control and contribute to China’s Blue Sky War.

Before a manufacturer chooses an adhesive supplier, they should ask two important questions:   

  • Can the supplier provide VOCs certificates for adhesives and coatings?
  • If the adhesives and coatings are produced abroad then imported to China, do they need to meet the new national standards when sold to China or used in production in China?


The answer to both questions is yes. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment requires strict implementation of national and local product VOCs content limit standards. Adhesives, conformal coatings, and coating products produced, imported, sold, and used that contain volatile organic compounds shall meet the new standards of GB 33372-2020 and GB 30981-2020 that were implemented on December 1, 2020.

Should a manufacturer choose Dymax as their supplier, Dymax can provide VOCs content declaration letters of internally tested products per customer’s requests, proving that the VOCs content in a specific Dymax product does not exceed the VOCs limitation per the related new national standard. Some products in electronic assembly applications have passed the new national standard VOCs test implemented by SGS and obtained reports to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the national mandatory standards for VOCs. In addition to the letters, the Dymax Application engineering team can provide samples to designated third-party testing agencies per the request of a customer.

How can Dymax formulations play an additional role in helping manufacturers meet these new standards and ensure compliance? 

Dymax light-curable adhesives and coatings meet or exceed a range of regulatory requirements: 

  • Compliance with the RoHS directives (EU) 2015/863.
  • They do not contain restricted substances, ensuring global availability.
    100% solids and contain no harmful solvents. Dymax consistently stays ahead of VOC regulations that demand manufacturers eliminate solvents.
  • Endorse the outcome of the REACH program. Dymax has registered all affected substances used at Dymax with the centralized database maintained by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).


Dymax can assist manufacturers in responding to the new national standards for VOCs control and to help prevent potential environmental violations. For more information or assistance contact us.

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