BlueWave® MX-MIM Machine Interface Module

Utilizes PROFINET or EtherNet/IP Protocols to Independently Drive Emitters

CE Marked – Available Globally

The BlueWave® MX-MIM machine interface module is designed for machine builders and automated equipment using the PROFINET and EtherNet/IP network protocols. These two protocols allow machine builders to greatly reduce I/O channels and free up analog control cards compared to traditional analog- and digital-relay-logic PLC control systems.

Incorporating the BlueWave MX-MIM into automated light-curing systems allows machine builders to independently power up to four Dymax MX-Series emitters at the same time in flood or light-bar patterns. Emitters can be synchronized together to act as one for higher throughput or to create a larger cure area. Compatible with:

Systems Features & Benefits

  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics for systems, controllers, and emitters
  • Integrated web browser for set-up and monitoring
  • Simplified wiring and I/O
  • Independent safety interlocks that are not reliant on firmware
  • Mountable on a standard 35-mm DIN rail
  • Interconnect cables for multi-station or remote placement (2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-meter lengths)


BlueWave MX-MIM Interface

Wiring - Back of 4-Channel Controller
From this wiring                   to this wiring

*Compatible with BlueWave MX-150, MX-250 and MX-275 emitters with firmware version 1.11 or higher. Dymax can easily upgrade emitter firmware to the latest versions by returning your emitter to one of our service facilities.

Ordering Information

BlueWave® MX-MIM
Machine interface module only. Emitters and interconnect cables to connect controller to emitters and power supply sold separately

Interconnect Cables
2-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
42889 5-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
43010 10-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly
43011 20-Meter Interconnect Cable Assembly

Customers must provide their own 24 Volt DC power supply based on the following specifications:

• 24 volts at 10 amps minimum supply (300 watts suggested)
• 1% voltage tolerance
• CE-marked units recommended to assure performance is in line with the BlueWave® MX-MIM


Power Supply Input:
24 VDC ± 1% @ 10A Min (300W supply recommended)

Emitter Channels:
Supports up to four MX-series emitters

Network Interface:
One 10/100 base-T Port
Supports EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET
Please Note: Device Level Ring (DLR) is not supported

Physical Dimensions:
4.96″ H x 7.32″ W x 3.50″ D

DIN Rail; 35-mm top-hat style

Weight: 2.035 lbs.

Internal fan, no filter

Operating Environment:
Indoor use only. Not qualified for outdoor use.
Ambient temperature +10 to +40°C
0-80% relative humidity, non-condensing at sea-level
NOTE: This device is designed to operate in a typical production environment where dust particulates and harmful vapors are kept to a minimum. Cabinet air filtration is suggested to prevent dust accumulation.

Storage Conditions:
-20 to +50°C, 0-75% relative humidity, non-condensing, at sea level


Images & Diagrams

BlueWave MX-MIM
BlueWave® MX-MIM

BlueWave MX-MIM Interface
BlueWave® MX-MIM Dimensions

BlueWave MX-MIM
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