SpeedMask® maskants protect components during surface finishing operations.

SpeedMask® Light-Curable Maskants

Light-Curable SpeedMask® Maskants

Replace Traditional Time-Consuming Tape, Wax, and Lacquer Masking Methods

SpeedMask® is a line of Dymax light curable temporary masking resins that offer reliable surface protection not available from traditional masking materials such as tapes, lacquers, and waxes. SpeedMask light curing masking resins are available in several viscosities, which can be quickly applied by syringe or through dipping, spraying, or screen printing. Residue-free removal is achieved with peelable, water-soluble, or burn-off grades. They cure upon exposure to light energy.

SpeedMask masking resins are used in surface preparation and finishing operations where a barrier is needed to protect surfaces and cavities. SpeedMask masking resins are successfully being used in many industries, including aerospace, power generation, metal finishing, and the manufacturing of orthopaedic implants and medical devices.

Dymax SpeedMask masking resins contain no non-reactive solvents and cure in seconds, providing cost savings through reductions in labor, rework and scrap. They are preferred over traditional masking materials such as waxes, tapes, and lacquers due to ease of application, superior protection with consistent reliability, and fast cure time.