Manual Syringe Dispensers



Dymax手动针筒点胶机可搭配预装的 1、3、5 和 10 mL 一次性针筒使用,提供准确一致的点胶量。通过使用手持式一次性针筒作为储液罐,杜绝了点胶时材料受污染的风险,并可快速简单地更换针筒,无需清理。Dymax针筒点胶机设置操作简便,可用于点胶不同粘度的多种流体,包括糊剂、润滑剂、胶粘剂和封孔剂等。针筒点胶机轻便小巧,因此非常适用于单个台式工作站。Dymax 自动针筒点胶机也可轻松集成到自动化流程中。它们具备真空回吸功能,出胶口有效关闭,避免滴液,能编程多达 9 种不同的点胶设置。该装置的三种工作模式包括手动模式、计时模式和循环模式,可满足特定应用需求。


The Micro-Dot™ hand-held syringe dispenser delivers accurate and consistent fluid deposits from pre-packed 3, 5, and 10 mL disposable syringes. This portable syringe dispenser can be set to dispense a wide range of fluid shot volumes.

Compatible with 3, 5, 10, 30, and 55 cc disposable syringes; Digital timer with range of 0.01 to 9999 seconds; Adjustable vacuum suck-back; Lightweight unit with small footprint; Easy to operate and install; Activation by foot pedal or external signal; Replaces manual syringe dispensing and squeeze bottles; Timed or manual mode with adjustable time and pressure settings; includes the ability to set time using a teach mode; Precision control over fluid dispense; Delivers micro-shots, beads, or fills; Clean, drip-free shut-off of materials; Reduced operator fatigue; Minimal space occupied; Manual or system-integrated operation

The Dymax Stepper™ is a simple to operate, repetitive dispensing pipette. Users have the ability to set a specific dispense volume and repeat it over and over again with extreme accuracy.