The Dymax Light Shield offers 360° protection from stray UV light and stands are manually adjustable.

Shields and Stands

UV Light-Curing System Shields And Stands

Light Shield Offers 360° Protection; Stands Are Height Adjustable

Dymax shields and stands are designed as protection from ultraviolet and visible light while allowing clear visibility of curing parts. All enclosures allow for height adjustment. The Light Shield enclosure offers 360° of protection and is used with Dymax flood and focused beam lamps and shutters. The low cost shield kits include mounting stands.

Shields and Stands

Dymax emitter mounting stands keep MX-series emitters (MX-150, MX-250, & MX-275) securely in place for use in bench-top configurations. Stands are available in both single- and multi-emitter designs. Compatible shielding is also avaliable.

Compatible with Dymax EC & ECE flood lamps; for use in bench-top flood curing system configurations; 270° of shielding from UV/visible light