Single, 2-pole, 3-pole, and 4-pole liquid light guides for Dymax UV light-curing spot lamp systems.

Liquid Light Guides

UV Curing Spot Lamp Liquid Light Guides

Available in Single, Two-Pole, Three-Pole, and Four-Pole Configurations

For efficient, high intensity curing, liquid light guides for spot-curing lamps are the most economical means for delivering light to cure adhesives and coatings. These curing wands transmit UV and visible energy from a source mounted inside of a spot-curing system to the curing area. The superior technology utilized in these wands helps minimize degradation of light intensity over time and transmits the highest light intensity available for UV curing. UV light guides offer the following benefits:

  • More efficient than glass fiber optics for transmission in the visible range
  • Superior quartz fibers for transmission in the UVA-light range
  • Light guide liquid transmits no infrared radiation and also has excellent cold light properties
  • Uniform illumination across active diameter results in higher input and output as well as lower losses at interfaces
  • No danger of individual fiber breakup

Some of the important factors to consider when choosing a UV curing wand are:

Length – Light guides are commonly one meter long although other lengths are available.

Diameter – Single-pole guides are available with 3-mm, 5-mm, or 8-mm inside diameters.  Although the 5-mm guide will register a higher intensity, the 8-mm version provides more curing power (intensity x area) because the opening captures more of the light emitted from the curing system bulb. Each pole of a multipole UV wand has an inside diameter of 3 mm.

Number of Poles – Dymax liquid light guides are available in single, two-pole, three-pole, and four-pole configurations for curing multiple points simultaneously. Light emitting from a spot lamp can be channeled through a single pole or split between multiple poles. Each pole of a multipole light guide emits equal intensity (typically ±10% for liquid-filled) and all share a common shutter.

Connection Type – There are two types of connectors used in the spot curing lamp industry; “Wolf” and “D” connectors. Both connector types are available in Dymax liquid light guides, although “D” connectors are an industry standard and compatible with current Dymax lamp designs. “Wolf” connectors are primarily found in older curing systems.

Curing Area/Intensity vs. Distance – The UV/Visible light emitted from a guide diverges.  As a result, intensity decreases and curing area increases with distance from the end of the light guide.