Replace RTV silicone and other slow-curing, labor-intensive gasket alternatives with UV/Visible light-cure form in place gaskets.

Light-curable form in place gaskets replace labor intensive tape, PSA die-cut gaskets, 2K epoxies, silicone rope, and RTV sealants. They conform to complex and intricate channels, on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, with thixotropic formulations, and flow into channels with Newtonian formulations.

The cured in place gaskets act as a barrier to prevent absorption or penetration of air, dust, noise, liquids, gaseous substances, or dirt. The gaskets are ideal for sound dampening, vibration dampening, moisture protection, chemical protection, and air sealing. The materials cure on demand, eliminating the need for ovens, racking, stacking, long-curing alternatives, as well as the waste associated with poorly fitting or improper alignment of die-cut gaskets.

Form in place gaskets are designed for automated dispensing to support high-volume production and consistency in bead profile for single wall, flat surface, or channel configurations. The gasket adhesives are cured in line for increased production speed and reduced inventories. This technology accommodates engineering changes without high tooling investments, and also helps to reduce costs, turning problems like production throughput into non-issues.

  • Cure completely in as little as 15 seconds, even to 1/4 inch thick beads
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics, glass, metal enclosures, and plated surfaces
  • Low-to-high, non-sag viscosities
  • Slick-to-pressure-sensitive surface tack
  • Ideal for automotive, lighting, electronic mobile device, electrical, HVAC, window, and energy applications