UV curing doming resins and decorative coatings protect labels, novelties, and other items from contaminants.

Dome Coating

Doming Resins and Decorative Coatings

Fast Light Cure, Greater Productivity, and Less Inventory

Doming resins and decorative coatings cure crystal clear in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light. The instant, on demand cure “locks out” airborne contamination, protecting components. Thicker-grade materials are optimized to create domes which help clarify and magnify images. The coatings are all one part so no mixing is required and viscosity and flow are consistent, which allows for fewer rejects and less scrap.

The fast cure times of these products results in greater productivity and less inventory. Light cure allows for the elimination of ovens, which will save manufacturing space while recovering high energy costs. UV doming resins and decorative coatings are solvent free and do not contain toxic mercury or isocyanates. The materials are ideal for coating labels, badges, name tags, pens, key chains, decals, and novelties.